R. John Hughes

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist
Editor, Christian Science Monitor
Chief Operating Officer & Editor, Deseret Morning News
Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs & U.S. State Department Spokesman
Director, Voice of America

Professor of Communications, Brigham Young University

John Hughes is a Welsh-born Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, who also served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, and as Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.

He writes a nationally-syndicated column for the Christian Science Monitor and is also is Professor of Communications at Brigham Young University.

He began his career in South Africa for the Natal Mercury. He quickly began working for the Christian Science Monitor which took him to America, Africa, and Asia where he won his Pulitzer prize, reporting on Indonesia's political coup and government-endorsed killing of over 200,000 people in Indonesia.

In his 24 years with the Christian Science Monitor, R. John Hughes was Editor for nine years, and ran Monitor Radio.  Hughes left to fulfill his dream of owning and running a newspaper on Cape Cod, where he built the Cape Cod Oracle into a five-paper enterprise which he sold to a conglomerate.

During the Reagan Administration, Hughes was tapped for his media expertise and unbiased integrity to run the U.S. Information Agency’s Voice of America and was subsequently tapped to serve as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State and State Department Spokesman.

In 1991 he chaired the President’s bipartisan Task Force on the future of US government in international broadcasting. In 1992 he was appointed Chairman of a joint Presidential-Congressional Commission on Broadcasting to the People's Republic of China.

In 1993 the Corporation for Public Broadcasting appointed Hughes to its Advisory Commission on Public Broadcasting to the World. Hughes continued his unique role of public policy and the media in 1995 and was appointed to serve as Assistant Secretary-General and Director of Communications at the United Nations.

On the financial side of the newspaper industry, Hughes began consulting with the DuPont owned News-Journal Company as well as the Salt Lake Deseret News, which later asked him to be the Editor and Chief Operating Officer.  At the Deseret News, Hughes reversed a downward trend of subscription loss and grew subscriptions by more than 25% amidst an industry experiencing negative annual growth.

R. John Hughes is the author of two books, has been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, winner of the Overseas Press Club award for Best Reporting from Abroad for investigation into narcotics trafficking, and served as President of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

Hughes' Past Assignments and Posts

Assistant Secy State
U.S. State Department Spokesman

Assistant Secretary-General
Director of Communications, United Nations

Pulitzer Prize Winner

Syndicated Columnist
Former Editor
Christian Science Monitor

Harvard University
Nieman Fellow